Indie Music Artists Digital Marketing Service

Our Services

All the services on this page are available to subscribers so please get in touch to enable.

Google Console and Analytics

We will setup both Google Analytics and Google Search Console for you on the profile page we create for you and give you access to the reports

Boosting your ranking on Google is one of our main services and with links to your own website if you have one and connections to your social media accounts will help you along the way.

Leave the marketing technicalities to us so you can concentrate on creating and performing your music.

Google Knowledge Panel for Musicians

This is called a Google Knowledge Panel.

Google Knowledge Panels (also known as Google Knowledge Graphs) are filled with all the essential stuff you want your fans to see, including images, your artist bio, tour dates, social profiles, songs, albums and more.

Note: We will do our best to get you there.  Ultimately its up to Google when you will appear.

Not On Wikipedia?

If you are not on Wikipedia, we will endevour to get you listed.  We are experienced at getting pages live.  

As you will know Wikipedia articles are usually done by editors that must follow strict rules, like not self promoting.  As we are independent we are able to create and update the page on your group or you as a artist. 

Not On is another resource that Google uses to find information about bands and artists. It’s similar to Wikipedia, but focussed purely around musicians. 

If you are not on, we will endeavour to get you listed.  We are experienced at getting you on the database.  

We will add all your band or artist details, including your website and my album or song information.