Indie Music Artists Digital Marketing Service

How It Works

Skyrocket Your Music profile to increase your chance of being found on Google and Bing and to increase the number of followers!

We use Organic SEO to get your music profile in front of the biggest network of music fans. Do what you love and focus on your music. We’ll do the rest. At we get you real results, completely risk-free.

Propel your music profile Internationally with lots of extra tools (e.g.) like auto-translation to other languages.

So you have set up a website, social media sites and there is very little traction, right?  Thats the same for most indie artists around the world.  There is no “My Space” to give you a chance to get your profile discovered to the masses and it seems your tweets on X seems to be a lot of effort for every little return and anyway, I am sure you want to really spend the time on your music if you had the chance.  In fact there are millions of artists in the same situation…. so that is where we come in….

If you want to have your profile getting a very good profile on the search engines and the link to your social media providing more traffic then you have to give our subscription service a try.


That’s Why We Are Here To Promote Your Profile Internationally.

We focus only on Indie artists like yourself, and give you a better chance for your money to grow your fanbase without any effort on your part. We are SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) gurus as well as fellow Indie artists from many different countries so we understand the reality that you have to try new and different ways when you hit that brick wall while trying to increase the fanbase.

Like it or not, Google still rules the world for organic website and any search can list hundred of thousands of listing so to be at the top of that you need the SEO guru.  We can prioritise your profile over others, modify your content to be able to make it high even as the AI algorithm tries to downplay your profile. 

People love to know about the artists they care for, they follow and its always better if they can do this all in one place. does that!!!

🎯 Targeted Marketing Promotions done without you have to spend the time!

We know you are busy…

It’s all done for you – you just sit back and watch your listeners skyrocket 🚀 on the search engines and social media in general. 

Our service uses good  SEO practises and starts showing results often with in a few weeks but its more permanent….

And the best part?

More Google, Bing, your Spotifiy profile, and other social media accounts…